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Sonnenschein Batteries

Inventors of the sealed lead acid battery, Sonnenschien have been manufacturing the largest range of gel batteries since 1958. Due to the plates being embedded in the gel, Sonnenschien Solar Bloc, Dryfit Sportsline, A500C and A600S series batteries have a slow self-discharge and are free from acid leakage. Also, as these are sealed batteries, they are shock and impact proof, maintenance free, and are safe to transport, making the smaller range ideal for marine, caravan and other road vehicles. Sonnenschien batteries are produced in accordance with ISO 9001, making these one of the most reliable batteries in the world.

Sonnenschein A600 Dryfit

Sonnenschien A600 batteries offer high performance and reliability in a smaller amount of space and less maintenance. The A600's use a dryfit technology where the electrolyte is fixed in gel which guarantees a maintenance free battery. The A600's have a service life of up to 18 years, and can be stored at 20º for up to 2 years. Recommended for applications such as remote power systems, UPS's and emergency power systems.

Sonnenschein Solar Block

Sonnenschein Solarblock batteries are specifically designed for small to medium applications in the leisure and consumer market. The advantages of the maintenance free VRLA - batteries are enhanced by the worldwide reputation of the dryfit technology.


Download the Sonnenschein battery specification sheet here




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