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Kyocera Solar Panels at Desert Knowledge Australia, Solar Testing Centre in Northen Territory. View data at www.dkasolarcentre.com.au. The data is live information & comparison data of other solar panel manufacturers from the testing site. Download the latest report on how Kyocera Solar is performing.

Desert Knowledge Australia - Solar Systems Comparison

Kyocera has perfected its new d.Blue surface treatment technology and has now introduced it across its whole range of panels.
The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output. The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 17.5%. This is the highest conversion efficiency in the polycrystalline module industry.

d.Blue is ideal for installation on all types of buildings, from residential to large scale commercial systems. The stylish dark blue cells blend in easily with the surrounding architecture or environment while producing energy at exceptional efficiencies.

KD Series
These new, safer and more stringent safety qualified modules will roll out over the course of the year featuring heavy-duty anodised aluminium frame with box-style walls. Modules in the G series are suitable for high voltage arrays with Multi-Contact output cables for ease of installation typically for Grid connect situations. Modules in the S series are suitable for battery charging and lower voltage systems.

Kyocera Solar Panel Range

Model #
Panel Output
Dimensions (mm)
KD50SE - 1P
17.9V 2.80A 50W
706 * 744 * 45
KD70SX - 1P
17.9V 3.92A 70W
778 * 660 * 45
KD75SE - 1P
17.9V 4.19A 75W
940 * 744 * 45
KD95SX - 1P
17.9V 5.41A 95W
1043 * 660 * 45
KD135SX - 1PU
17.7V 7.63A 135W
1500 * 668 * 46
17.7V 7.63A 135W
1500 * 668 * 46
23.6V 7.84A 185W
1338 * 990 * 46
23.6V 7.90A 210W
1500 * 990 * 46
17.7V 7.63A 135W
1500 * 668 * 46
23.6V 7.84A 185W
1338 * 990 * 46
23.6V 7.84A 210W
1500 * 990 * 46



SCHOTT solar panels are quality tested, and are made using the least amount of energy as possible. The panels are manufactured by Europe's largest solar factory located in Germany. High-output panels from SCHOTT Solar are produced with a high-quality finish and provide the highest energy yields. The panels have been judged many times as the winners in independent studies and tests. Each module type is designed for low-cost system integration, from the frame construction through to the junction box.

"Our solar modules are designed to deliver the highest possible energy. Tests conducted by various independent institutes and specialist media from different countries provide impressive confirmation of this. We know that operators of photovoltaic plants expect the modules to function reliably for over 20 years. Our uncompromising attitude to quality means we can give a reliable extended performance guarantee on our products, making us a dependable partner for anyone who wants to put this fascinating technology to profitable use with confidence. " www.schott.com/

SCHOTT POLY Multicrystalline Panels

Photovoltaic modules by SCHOTT Solar are among those with the greatest performance stability – they are therefore among the most profitable in the market. In a long-term study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, which ran for over 25 years, the solar panels by SCHOTT Solar achieved over 90% of their original performance – a fantastic result!

Manufacturing is highly automated, thus ensuring consistent high quality.
Strict quality controls at all process levels in state-of-the-art production facilities. Schott only uses high quality materials to manufacture our products.
Schott Solar power modules are designed to yield high energy per kilowatt of output installed. Schott only use cells with matched output within one module. Low-voltage welding techniques and special bonding from the automobile sector are employed.

Schott Solar modules are virtually maintenance-free as they contain no moving parts.
The fact that our shareholder, SCHOTT AG in Mainz, has been successful within the world marketplace for 125 years, guarantees you can count on Schott in the long run.

Independent studies prove that the energy return period for photovoltaic modules made by SCHOTT Solar under German radiation conditions (approx. 950 hours of sunshine annually) is less than 3 years.

That is why solar equipment made with SCHOTT Solar’s attention to details ensures longevity and sustainable yields. Installations that have been producing electricity, reliably in excess of 20 years, prove this on a daily basis.

SCHOTT ASI Thin Film Panels

SCHOTT ASI™ Thin Film solar panels with the ASI™ Cell Technology guarantee an above average high performance and energy yield. The panels are the best answer for shaded areas or areas which are subject to high heat.

Solar panels from SCHOTT Solar have been awarded top ratings in a number of independent studies and surveys. SCHOTT ASI™ panels are designed - from frame to junction box - for cost-effective system integration.

The modern, trend-setting ASI™ technology is a result of many years of experience, a lead in terms of know-how and the latest production methods.

  • More energy
    Independent surveys have shown that under real operation conditions - such as clouded skies or high ambient temperatures - the ASI® Technology delivers high energy yields per rated Wp.
  • Robust encapsulation
    The proven ASI® encapsulation ensures high resistance against UV, temperature and weather, even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Quick and easy installation
    The anodized aluminum frame and the preinstalled cables with Tyco-Connectors ensure quick and easy installation. Bypass diodes are integrated in each junction box.
  • Top quality and safety
    The proven SCHOTT ASI™ panels “Made in Germany” stand for high, stable performance and longevity.



Schott ASI Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Building Integrated Photovoltaic panels are part of solar power systems which are integrated into the building. These panels can be implemented as an integrated building component, such as an awning or as a complete building structure such as a ceiling or wall.

A BIPV system not only generates electricity but offsets building material embodied energy and costs. It may also offer a further level of building comfort and energy conservation by using a double glazed BIPV product. From an architectural point of view it could have your building standing above the rest in innovative architecture and techniques to reduce emissions.


For further information and case studies vist SCHOTT BIPV or download SCHOTT's ASI GLASS data sheet